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EP Shark 23

EP Shark 23

Rychlý otevřený člun pro sportovně založené nadšence, který pojme až 8 osob. Je perfektně ovladatelný a s motorizací 250 HP dosahuje rychlosti až 85km/h. a to už je pořádná dávka adrenalinu.

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The bottom is engineered to make the boat stable and agile, and the overall lightweight design is the perfect solution for an easy glide and low fuel consumption. Made of durable thermoplastics with UV stabilisers, the boat is maintenance-free, does not require any antifouling treatment and is resistant to chemicals, mould and rough handling, which makes its service life really long.

Dimensions 7,1×2,3m
Hmotnost 650 kg
Počet osob 8
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