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Indestructible, maintenance-free boats designed to make each of your trips an enjoyable experience. If you have not chosen any of our standard products, do not hesitate to contact us about custom production possibilities.

EP Glider

The EP Glider is a super durable boat made of special polypropylene with UV stabilisers, a material designed specifically for boatbuilding purposes. Completely maintenance-free, no antifouling treatment necessary.

CZK 159,000

EP Fish Glider

Roomy, super durable open-top boat designed primarily for passionate fishers who need enough space for all of their fishing equipment. Made of durable thermoplastics, ready for a safe fishing experience even on rivers with low water levels.

CZK 104,000

EP Speedster

Designed to accommodate up to 8 people, the Speedster is a fast open-deck boat for sporty enthusiasts. Perfectly controllable, responsive and fitted with a 250 HP engine, this boat reaches a top speed of 85 kph - a good dose of adrenaline!

Price on request

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